Leadership Team

Our 5-Fold Leadership Team –

We are thrilled to acquaint you with the men and women in our Apostolic Fivefold Leadership Team. We believe that it is God’s plan that all fivefold ministry gifts be developed in the local church. The traditional method is to hire in ministers, but the Kingdom method is that they are raised up in the house as sons and daughters, not hirelings.

The individuals on our team are sold out to the Lord and their primary purpose in life and ministry is to proclaim the gospel of the Kingdom of God to all people everywhere. They are comrades and fellow laborers with both of us and we are honored to have them placed in our lives by the Lord.

Apostle Jerry & Prophet Martha Hester – Dominion Community Church is affiliated with the Christian International Apostolic Network and our Pastors are ordained under Christian International. In 1993 Bishop Bill Hamon ordained Pastor Jerry as an Apostle and Pastor Martha as a Prophetess. They serve as the Apostolic Oversight Team for the Mideast Region of the Christian International Apostolic Network. Our calling is Prophetic and Apostolic in nature, with a vision for Pioneering Present Truth realities to the Church and to the world.

Apostle Matthew & Pastor Megan Hester – Apostle Matthew was ordained into ministry in 2000. Pastor Megan was ordained into ministry in 2003. Apostle Matthew has a gifting for teaching the revelation of the Word with fresh excitement and zeal. He is involved in the praise and worship ministry and has a strong prophetic anointing. Pastor Megan has a strong prophetic calling and flows in pastoral counseling. She is also involved in the dance and arts ministry. They are both also associate ordained with Christian International.

Pastor Joesph & Prophet Melodie Littlejohn – Pastor Joseph was ordained into ministry in 2007. Prophet Melodie was ordained in 2003. Pastor Joseph has the anointing of a psalmist upon his life; he is active in the praise and worship ministry, as well as the dance team and the arts. Prophet Melodie has a strong prophetic mantle and operates with great accuracy in the office. She has been instrumental in the creation of the dance and arts ministry at D.C.I. They are also both associate ordained with Christian International.

Prophet Chris & Pastor Terri Canada – Prophet Chris and Pastor Terri were both ordained in 2008. Prophet Chris operates strongly in the prophetic with an apostolic delivery of the Word. He also has a business anointing and successfully owns and operates his own martial arts school.  Pastor Terri flows in the prophetic and is also skilled in the ministry of helps and counseling. Pastor Terri also assists Prophet Chris with the martial arts school.

Apostle Richard and Pastor Mary Dunbar – Apostle Richard was ordained into ministry in 1996. Pastor Mary was ordained into ministry in 2003. Apostle Richard has the ability to minister the Word with great simplicity and instruction. He also has a strong prophetic anointing and operates in the gift of faith. Pastor Mary has a powerful anointing for intercessory prayer and has an accurate discernment of spirits. She also flows in the Word of knowledge and the Word of wisdom.

Apostle Ann Fyall –
Apostle Ann was ordained into ministry in 2003. Apostle Ann has a heart for the Kingdom of God to be manifest in local and national government. This desire is made evident in her years of work in government related programs and ventures. She established Hope House through her cooperation Dominion Family Services which teaches living and job skills to teenage women. She has a strong prophetic anointing and ministers the Word of the Lord with authority and power.

Apostle Curtis Miller –
Apostle Curtis was ordained into ministry in 2005. Apostle Curtis has a tremendous gift in the business arena. He has established several businesses and serves in an advisory capacity to many others. He is the President and C.E.O. of Dominion Financial Services. He flows in the gift of wisdom and has the ability to teach the mysteries of the Kingdom of God with clarity and ease. He has a heart to see the Body of Christ mature in the anointings of both King and Priest.

Apostle Timothy Scipio –
Apostle Tim was ordained into ministry in 2000. Apostle Tim has a heart to see people break through into true worship and pursuit of their individual and corporate purposes in the Kingdom. He desires to see educational reform come about through Kingdom principles as evidenced by his work within the public education arena. He has a strong prophetic gifting as well as the ability to teach the Word of God. He is a leader in praise and worship and is skilled in the prophetic demonstrations of dance and the arts.

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