Who We Are

Dominion Church International: Who We Are –

Dominion Church International is both a local Church and Kingdom Embassy. We are a prophetic and apostolic ministry committed to helping establish churches and schools all over the world. Our vision is to bring Present Truth concerning the reality of the Kingdom of God to the Church and to the world and to raise up men and women who proclaim this message as vessels of maturity and integrity. Our calling and purpose are prophetic and apostolic in nature, with a vision for pioneering Present Truth realities to the church and to the world.

The local vision of DCI contains 4 major divisions:

1. Exaltation – Worship and Ministry of God, giving people opportunity for free expression of their love for the Father through praise and worship, celebration and prayer.
2. Edification – Ministry to believers, RECOGNIZING, ACTIVATING, EQUIPPING and DEVELOPING their gifts, callings and anointings.
3. Evangelism – Ministry to the lost through the presentation of the Gospel of the Kingdom.
4. Local Outreach – Ministry to the community, bringing positive change to the neighborhood through the demonstration of the Kingdom of God.

To realize the fulfillment of this vision there are many ministries and outreaches involved.

Covenant Ministry Teams – Monthly in-home meetings in which our Fivefold ministers offer oversight to the people of DCI, ministering to their needs and offering them support and love.  This is also a time for the people to receive intense training in the gifts of the Spirit to make them more effective in the work of the ministry.

Mentoring – Mentoring programs are available for both men and women who are Delegates in the ministry.  This mentoring involves intense Bible study and personal accountability and instruction for Kingdom living in every area of life.

Partners – The partners of D.C.I. includes those who believe that God has placed them in the church locale and who pledge their prayers, attendance, and financial support and who will endeavor to keep unity at all costs.

Celebration Company – The development of Praise and Worship, Dance and Drama Teams.  The development of the Psalmist’ ministry, including songwriting and worship leading and playing musical instruments.

Dominion Network – This is the group of ministers and ministries who are in covenantal relationship with and are ordained by Dominion Network.  This network provides an opportunity for ongoing accountability, problem-solving, fellowship and personal growth.  It also provides a Present Truth foundation to preach and to demonstrate the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Present Truth Mentoring – is an intensive study of Present Truth principles in the Bible.  Click here to go to the facebook page for P.T.M.

Leaders In Training – is an opportunity for those called to ministry to have intense training and mentoring by the senior leadership in the house.  L.I.T. is a place where individual giftings, as well as fivefold callings, are both recognized and cultivated with accountability and instruction.

Dominion College – exists to effectively equip and train men and women to fulfill their destiny in the Kingdom of God.  It offers a Spirit-filled, hands-on education with an emphasis on the application of Present Truth.  All courses are designed to be interactive, life-changing and relevant.  Graduates of Dominion College will be “Daniels,” who are able to demonstrate the Kingdom of God with excellence to the people and nations of the world. Click here to go to the facebook page for Dominion College.

Dominion Christian Academy – offers a quality Christian education to the children of the Delegates of Dominion Church International.  With the parents and teachers working together in covenant, the school functions as a “corporate homeschool.”  Although not open to the public, the Academy will consider the applications of other children as the need arises.  Our vision is to impact and empower our seed to accomplish God’s purposes and plans for their generation.

Dominion Publishing – is designed to proclaim Present Truth realities through original study materials and other printed materials.  We work in cooperation with key leaders in the Body of Christ to develop study guides and curriculum around some of their most important writings.  In addition to over dozens of original study guides, Dominion Publishing released the first two books by Apostle Matthew Hester.

Dominion Christian Resources – is the distribution arm for Present Truth, Prophetic and Apostolic publications and products.  Customers can visit our store located at the ministry grounds or order by phone.  There is a wealth of dynamic materials being written and recorded in the earth today, it is time for these materials to get into the hands of the people of God!  Dominion Christian Resources is committed to the fulfillment of this need.

Dominion Business Network – is a group made up of area business people who come together to study Kingdom principles and to be a source of encouragement and prophetic input into each other’s lives and businesses.  We believe that the next great move of God in the earth will include the marketplace and businessmen and women who are functioning as Kings and Priests in their particular areas of influence.

www.DominionChurch.net – offers you many exciting ways to plummet the depths of Present Truth principles with links to several relevant sites in the Kingdom of God.  Our website is designed as both a study tool for God’s people to explore Present Truth as well as a resource to stay updated with current events in the ministry.

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