D.C.H. Kenya

Dominion Children’s Home of Kenya is a home for orphaned
girls and boys in Kenya, East Africa.

In February 2007 we were able to purchase several acres of land in Eldoret, Kenya for the purpose of caring for orphaned children. Later that year Dominion Children’s Home opened its doors and has been providing refuge for homeless and orphaned children ever since. In January of 2010 we opened Dominion School of Eldoret with 23 students attending. Our goal is to have several homes to care for forty children and a school that emphasizes academic excellence in a Christ-centered learning environment. This will allow us to care for, to educate, and to empower every child to fully reach their God-ordained destiny.

Dominion Children’s Home of Kenya
is a component of Dominion Family Services, a non-profit organization based in
Spartanburg, South Carolina. It is also affiliated with the ministries of
Dominion Church International in Greer, South Carolina.

Advancing the Kingdom of God by building Kenyan orphans to recognize their sonship, to effectively advance their Father’s Kingdom and to breakthrough their
surrounding barriers with valor.

To talk with the director of Dominion Children’s Home, Ann Fyall,
please use the contact information below.

call us @ 864.384.8480
e-mail: annfyall@gmail.com

Child Sponsorship Program:
You have a unique and wonderful opportunity to support Dominion Children’s Home.
You have the ability to sponsor one or more of our children for only $30 per month.
This support covers all of their living expenses (food, clothing, education, and health).
We will be adding photos of the boys and girls for you to enjoy soon.
Please use the subscription button below to begin your twelve month commitment.
Thank you!

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