Dominion College


domcollegeThe leadership and faculty of Dominion College have a heart for truth. We do not believe that any group of believers has the final revelation of biblical truth. We also believe that truth is being progressively restored by God to and through His people. We need to be open to learning today as we study and build on the foundations laid yesterday. We must have a heart for all that God has done and all that God has revealed since the days of the book of Acts on through to the present moves of God in the earth today. Our desire is to follow the Scriptural admonition to “prove all things” and “hold fast to that which is good.”

Dominion College’s exclusive curriculums are birthed out of ongoing partnerships with leading authors in the Body of Christ today. Study manuals and workbooks are developed around major revelations that are going forth as a prophetic voice in the earth today. Dominion College’s staff has written accompanying manuals for many outstanding works to date. These manuals are in use around the world, training Christians and indigenous ministers.

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